Omar Todd: Member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force

Omar Todd has been involved in cyber security since before the Internet became the Internet. For almost thirty years, Todd has worked hard to create security systems and solutions for a wide variety of businesses and non-profit organizations over his long career. Todd became a member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) to broaden his skills and become a part of a network dedicated to global cyber security. Todd is also a founder and national council member of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia. He has worked for several years in Los Angeles as a social media marketing expert.

ICTTF is an exclusive group specifically tailored to businesses and business leaders. It tries to arm business executives and cyber experts like Omar Todd with the skills and knowledge they need to deal with cyber threats. The ICTTF tries to be a catalyst connecting business leaders in certain sectors to protect the US and global economy from cyber threats.

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If cyber security experts and business leaders join forces to combat hackers and cyber threats, they can curb the effects that these threats pose to businesses around the world. The organization was originally created as a not-for-profit virtual organization to connect cyber security experts of all levels around the world.

Omar Todd is a proud member of the ICTTF and hopes that he can continue to add to this international community united in cyber security. He knows that by banding together working with one another, those in the network can eventually create lasting cyber security solutions that all business executives can use.


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