Wikipedia says Omar Todd is a Multi talented Personality

Wikipedia says Omar Todd is an Australian business man and ploitician who turned film producer. He has worked in the  IT industry for twenty years and has overseen various new businesses in the IT and venture capital fields. Todd is the founder the Internet Society of Australia which was established in 1996.

Wikipedia-says-Omar-Todd-is-aOmar Todd was born in Mornington, Victoria, a coastal town near Melbourne, Australia. His family later moved to Perth, Australia, and Todd studied at Christ Church Grammar School. Right after Omar began to seek out a career in computers and information technology, and by the time he was 18 years of age, he already had two computer shops. He was very successful in his business and decided not to go to college as he was making more money than the lecturers teaching his friends.

Todd entered the film industry after taking a non-paid consulting position with the Sea Shepherd in 2008. As the technical director, he was in charge of the society’s social media, Internet security, shore communications, ship communications, and technology guidance. His work with Sea Shepherd gave him a spot at the prestigious 2011 Cannes Film Festival alongside with Rob Stewart and Paul Watson.

Todd has since worked on several productions such as Waiting for Gorgo, Whale Wars: From Pirate to Prisoner, Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist, Whale Wars: Viking Shores, Romantic Comedy “Sparks and Embers” and is currently filming “Defend – Conserve – Protect” starring Dan Aykroyd.

He is currently working as Global Technical Director (CTO/CIO) for Sea Shepherd, Deputy Chairman for Wikileaks Party


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