Omar Todd – A Unique Perspective about the Internet and Social Media

Omar Todd has been building the social media online presence for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since 1998.

Social media has more impact on the way we communicate than any other technology since the invention of television. Pagers and cellular phones simply added text messages to telephone technology that already existed.

Omar Todd

The Internet presented an incredible opportunity for businesses and non-profits to find new clients and build better relationships with existing customers, yet most companies did not immediately take advantage of this opportunity to its full extent. Well into the mid-2000’s, most websites were simply online versions of print brochures and materials.

Even today a lot of businesses and non-profits view their websites and social media pages as versions of their print ads. While it is true that social media needs to help organizations accomplish the same goals of profitability or exposure, the opportunities it presents are much broader compared to other media.

Today the Internet is no longer static. It is dynamic. The real-time nature of the Internet and online communications makes the Internet a living thing, powered by the users who consume information, contribute content, ask questions, and interact with each other.

Sure, a customer may still send a letter or email, or make a telephone call. However, none of those communications have the same effect as a Facebook comment, or a post or status update on Twitter. Nothing in the history of humanity and marketing has allowed customers to communicate in such a public manner.

Your communication can also be very different. No longer are you bound by the costs of print ads, direct mail, radio or TV advertising spots. You can message your customers directly with little cost, if not free.

Using effective social media tactics helped Omar Todd take Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to a #1 hit show on Animal Planet and with no real budget. The possibilities of social media are truly endless.