Omar Todd – How to Market Online in the Age of Mistrust

Omar Todd created The Internet Society of Australia, ISOC-AU, in 1996, but he has been involved with the Internet and technology since 1985. This experience gives him a unique perspective on the Internet, social media, and marketing on the Internet.

Omar Todd

We live in the age of mistrust. Businesses and non-profits over promise and under deliver, especially on the Internet. This is why most Internet users are very doubtful when it comes to business and non-profits online.
They may trust you because they’ve done business with you in the past, but they are skeptical if they have never heard of you prior to stumbling across your social media page on the Internet. Your prospective customers or supporters have been burned before many times, be it by online purchases that were not delivered on time or non-profit donations that were not spent as promised.

This is why when marketing online you absolutely need to give your prospects and customers something of value before asking them to do anything.

You can use your content to build trust and highlight important issues. Only then should you explain why your solution is the best.

To start, identify where your customers are mentally and emotionally when it comes to your products or your cause. Then connect with them by showing them that you understand where they are or, even better, that you have been there yourself. Next, offer value in order to take them closer to doing business with you.

Answer the following question: what do all people that are your customers or donors know and believe about you?
This should be your goal when it comes to your prospects. You want to “take them to a place” where they believe and know the same things about you that your current customers or donors do. Begin with the end in mind. That’s the key to success on social media.

To accomplish this goal, create an integrated content plan. The word integrated is very important here. You do not want to randomly be posting things on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They should all be interconnected, send the same message, and support the same goal.

When formulating your plan, create a theme related to the subject or the journey of your prospects. Your goal is about you. The subject should be about your prospects. The theme should be about something that is fresh, timely and important to your market.

Print magazines usually follow this strategy. Every month a magazine will have a certain central theme in the issue. Most content in that month’s magazine will revolve around that issue. This is a proven, winning formula that applies to social media.

Omar Todd is an expert on this and many other Internet-related subjects. If you need a knowledgeable speaker for your event, contact Mr. Todd to inquire about his availability.