Keeping you Information Safe – How to make Cyber Security work for you

As online shopping becomes the norm and consumers begin to place more trust in the global marketplace, finding trusted online sites to meet their needs becomes more important by the day. Omar Todd, cyber security expert and Chief Technology Officer, believes that consumers should not be afraid of shopping online but should exercise caution when divulging personal information online.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when shopping from a new online retailer is to do your research. Simple searches online can provide a wealth of information for the best places to purchase an item you are looking for as well as customer reviews, and information on the reliability and history of many online retailers. When presented with links to websites through email, texts, and advertisements on websites that you are unfamiliar with, if it seems suspicious then find a new place to shop! There are plenty of options for consumers in cyberspace and it’s not worth risking your security and shopping without confidence.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

Pay attention to your surroundings. While this may seem strange when speaking in terms of online sales, this helpful tip can be applied to various aspects of cyber shopping. If you are using a computer in a public venue, be sure to never save your personal information on any website. You don’t want this information easily accessible for strangers who can use it for their advantage later. A few other things to remember in public settings would be to be physically aware of those around you. Make sure no one is watching the passwords you provide, or when you enter bank or credit card information if making purchases. Also, be aware of your belongings. If you have a purse or wallet with you that you keep them secure, be aware of any credit cards you may have removed from them to make purchases as well.

When using your personal devices in public settings, you should also be aware of connecting to public Wi-Fi. Make sure all of your information in secure and you trust the Wi-Fi connection. You can never be too cautious when exposing your personal information in public settings. One option when making online purchases may be to use a prepaid credit card when buying from a new retailer. This information helps to limit your amount of exposure and should require minimal personal information.

Omar Todd is one of many Information Technology experts who believes that becoming more familiar and comfortable with navigating the internet is important and beneficial in many ways. Although the benefits of surfing the web make the effort to become internet savvy well worth the time, everyone should exercise caution. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your personal information and livelihood in any circumstance.