Omar Todd – Three Things to Considering When Choosing a Social Media Consultant

Omar Todd is an expert on cyber security and social media use for corporations. He has been involved in the technological world for the majority of his adult life. In 1996, he founded the Internet Society of Australia, and he currently serves as the Global Technical Director of Sea Shepherd Global where he has grown their social media presence and exposure with almost no budget.

Omar Todd

Social media consultancy as an almost must for businesses, corporations, and organizations today. Social media is a free marketing tool that has an almost unlimited reach. Here are three things to consider when choosing a social media consultant.

  • A good social media consultant is easy to find online. Ideal candidates are easily discovered through search terms such as “social media consultant + your location or industry.” The purpose of a social media consultant is to increase an organization’s online presence. If they are good at their job, they know how to increase their own online presence as well.
  • When determining which social media consultant to hire, organizations should not look at how many Twitter followers the consultant has. Rather, they should look at who is following them. The number of followers is irrelevant, and what matters is who is following them. The type of people that follows them can serve as an excellent reference.
  • Organization’s need to ask social media consultant candidates to present them with a tangible method of tracking their own performance. Hiring a social media consultant is an investment, and the money that would normally be spent on marketing campaigns that are not free is now being used to pay the social media consultant.

Omar Todd has worked with corporations, non-profit organizations, celebrities, and authors to help increase their online presence.