Omar Todd – Three Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are an increasingly necessary weapon for political campaigns, causes, organizations, and companies to use to create awareness. The vast majority of people that these companies, political organizations, and other entities are targeting are on social media.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd has experience running social media campaigns. In addition to being the Deputy Chairman of The Wikileaks Party in Australia, he is also the Chief Information Officer, Cyber Security Expert, and Social Media Consultant for Sea Shepherd Global, a marine wildlife conservation organization. He helped build their social presence with a very small budget.

Here are three tips for running a successful social media campaign.

  • The most important part of running a successful social media campaign is the campaign’s ability to get the message out. Social media profiles should be constructed so that they can be shared with others by others. Social media accounts and profile should also link to other accounts owned by the same campaign. So for example, the Facebook profile should have a link to the Twitter page and vice versa. This is a great way to ensure that people see the message.
  • Social media campaigns should link people to the campaign’s main web page. On this web page, people should be able to sign up to receive updates and show their support. The form for this sign-up section needs to be simplified so that people are not put off by having to spend a lot of time signing up to support the campaign.
  • Social media campaigns should reward their fans and followers by offering prizes. The prizes should be related to the companies or cause’s products or message. For example, a pizza restaurant should not be offering free iPads. They should be offering a discount or a free pizza.