Omar Todd – Three Things You Don’t Know About Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is the number one threat to the largest aspects of Earth. Ocean pollution damages ecosystems, kills marine life, and has an affect how the economy and the ability for human’s to enjoy the open water. Omar Todd is the Global Technical Director of Sea Shepherd Global, an organization devoted to protecting and conserving marine wildlife.


Omar Todd (34)

Omar Todd‘s objective through his role in Sea Shepherd Global is to educate people on how the affect marine wildlife, and what they can do it conserve it. Here are three facts about ocean pollution.

  • Plastic is one of the most common items of debris found on the open ocean. Plastic does not break down, meaning it floats around for years on end. Marine life commonly mistakes floating plastic for food, which is unsafe because plastic is incredibly dangerous to consume.
  • Land-based debris makes up the largest source of ocean pollution. Oil, dirt, farms, ranches, vehicles, and septic tanks are the major land-based contributors to ocean pollution. Tons upon tons of waste from these sources are dumped into the ocean every day.
  • It is estimated that over a million seabirds are killed each year by ocean pollutions. It also estimated that three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year from being caught and trip in fishing nets that have been thrown away. An additional hundred thousand sea mammals are killed by ocean pollution every year.

To become involved and make a difference in conserving marine wildlife, visit Sea Shepherd Global’s website.