Omar Todd – Three Tips for Building a Political Party

Omar Todd is a co-founder and the Deputy Chairman of the opinion-splitting Australian political party The Wikileaks Party. His party ran in the 2013 Australian elections in a bid to get Julian Assange a seat on the Australian Senate. The Wikileaks Party received 0.66% of the national vote that year.

Omar Todd

Establishing a political party is no easy feat, and there are a number of things that the founder members must do to even get the party on the ballot. Besides having to go through the usual administrative and bureaucratic steps of registering a party, organizing all the legal issues, and submitting papers, a political party needs to market itself and gain a following. Here are three tips for building a political party.

  • First off a party needs to establish a slogan and logo. The slogan needs to be catchy and hone in on the central message, principles, and policies that the party believes in and is trying to convey. The logo needs to be similarly striking and recognizable. When someone sees the logo, they need to immediately associate the logo with the party.
  • Secondly, a political party needs to establish a leadership hierarchy. Everybody’s roles need to be clearly defined and everybody should understand their specific responsibilities. There needs to be someone in charge of the party, usually that person will be the one running for office, depending on which country the party is in.
  • Thirdly, a political party needs to ensure that they have a base of followers. A political party is nothing if they do not stand for something that people can get behind. Without people backing them, a political party has zero chance of succeeding. Having said that, a political party needs to be sincere in what they believe in, so if a political party stands for an unpopular principle, they will not get any followers.