Omar Todd – Three Tips for Using Social Media Safely

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have truly changed the world. We are now able to communicate with people around the world for free with just a simple click. We can spread news, create awareness, and campaign for causes at home. Social media has also opened up a new world of security concerns, meaning that people need to become aware of how to use social media networks safely.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd is one of the leading experts in the field of cyber security. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Australia, the Deputy Chairman of The Wikileaks Party run by Julian Assange, is a Council Member of the International Cyber Security Task Force, and has worked for multiple organizations in a social media advisory and cyber security role.

Here are three tips for managing a social media account in a safe manner.

  • Like with emails, it is important to use caution when clicking on a link on social media. Phishing techniques are used to hack social media accounts. Once an account is hacked, photos and personal information can be stolen, and unwanted posts can be made.
  • It is important for social media users to be careful of what they put on their social media accounts. Hackers use the “Forgotten Password” link to get into financial accounts and they find the answers to security questions using information posted on social media. Things such as hometowns, birthdays, high schools, and mothers’ middle names, should either not be posted online or not be used as an answer to a security question.
  • If it is suspected that a friend has sent a fraudulent message, meaning that it’s likely that friend’s account was hacked, ignore the message and notify the person whose account was hacked.