Omar Todd – Three Ways to Help Preserve Marine Life

Omar Todd is a man of many skills. He is a co-founder of The WikiLeaks Party, a political party in Australia set up by Julian Assange, he is a cyber security expert, and he is an ocean conservation activist. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Officer of Sea Shepherd Global, an organization that focuses on marine wildlife conservation.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

Organizations like Sea Shepherd Global cannot rely on their own efforts to make a difference in marine conservation. They need contributions for people all over the world. Here are three ways that anyone can help preserve marine wildlife.

Overfishing is a global problem. The by result of that is the creation of fishing farms, however, fishing farms can cause lasting damage to habitats and ecosystems. This is why purchasing and eating seafood that is sustainable is one way that anyone can help preserve marine wildlife.

According to One Ocean, One World 50 to 80 percent of debris and waste found in the ocean is plastic. Plastic items are dangerous because they easily attach to marine wildlife, causing them injury and sometimes death. Reducing place use is another way that anybody can help preserve marine wildlife.

Climate change has had an effect on marine wildlife because of rising sea levels and the acidification of oceans. The continued change in climate will have a lasting effect on ecosystems. To combat this, we need to reduce our energy use and switch to more sustainable methods of producing energy.

Omar Todd started out as a volunteer with Sea Shepherd Global and slowly worked his way up the organization.