Omar Todd – Three Important Cyber Security Tips

Omar Todd is one of the most influential figures in the cyber security world. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Australia, the co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the Wikileaks Party in Australia, and a Council Member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force. He has additionally worked as a consultant and Chief of Technology Officer for multiple organizations and corporations where his specialties in cyber security were utilized well.

The Internet is becoming an increasingly powerful machine and has been for years. The growth of the Internet though has created more opportunities for cyber crimes to be committed, though. Here are three important cyber security tips.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

First and foremost, it is important to never have the mindset that it “could never happen to you.” People with this mindset are more prone to cyber attacks because they take little if any care to protect their selves. Everybody is prone to and are attractive to hackers.

One of the most basic cybersecurity practices is maintaining good password management. It is important to use a strong mix of characters, meaning mixing numbers with letters and punctuation marks, while also using different passwords for different websites. Do not write passwords down in obvious or public places and never share a password.

It is very important to be careful when clicking on attachments and links in emails, especially from addresses that the recipient does not know. Sometimes phishing techniques are used to con people into clicking on a link that takes them to a domain with harmful material.

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