How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business – Omar Todd

There are several benefits of using cloud computing for your business. Over the last few years, cloud computing has taken the IT industry by storm and the sheer number of cloud computing jobs worldwide is a testimony to its popularity. Here are a few ways how cloud computing can help your business.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd


If you need to have several employees work on documents and files, cloud computing will be ideal for your business. Employees can access and work with documents and files from anywhere and sync the documents in real time. Cloud computing makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues and receive real-time updates. A study by Frost & Sullivan found that companies that used cloud computing to collaborate with employees saw a 400% return on investments.

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Document Control

Using cloud services, companies do not have to physically send documents back and forth via email. Cloud services enable multiple clients to work on documents at the same time while the cloud keeps all the files in one location. The process increases efficiency and improves the company’s control over files and documents.


Over 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports, and it amounts to a huge amount of money in terms of software and hardware. With cloud computing, there is no danger of losing your files, software, and laptop. In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged laptop, your data is still safe in the cloud and can be accessed anytime.

Omar Todd is a professional in the IT industry and serves on the council at the ICTTF (International Cyber Threat Task Force)