Omar Todd – Three Things You Don’t Know About Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is the number one threat to the largest aspects of Earth. Ocean pollution damages ecosystems, kills marine life, and has an affect how the economy and the ability for human’s to enjoy the open water. Omar Todd is the Global Technical Director of Sea Shepherd Global, an organization devoted to protecting and conserving marine wildlife.


Omar Todd (34)

Omar Todd‘s objective through his role in Sea Shepherd Global is to educate people on how the affect marine wildlife, and what they can do it conserve it. Here are three facts about ocean pollution.

  • Plastic is one of the most common items of debris found on the open ocean. Plastic does not break down, meaning it floats around for years on end. Marine life commonly mistakes floating plastic for food, which is unsafe because plastic is incredibly dangerous to consume.
  • Land-based debris makes up the largest source of ocean pollution. Oil, dirt, farms, ranches, vehicles, and septic tanks are the major land-based contributors to ocean pollution. Tons upon tons of waste from these sources are dumped into the ocean every day.
  • It is estimated that over a million seabirds are killed each year by ocean pollutions. It also estimated that three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year from being caught and trip in fishing nets that have been thrown away. An additional hundred thousand sea mammals are killed by ocean pollution every year.

To become involved and make a difference in conserving marine wildlife, visit Sea Shepherd Global’s website.


Omar Todd – Three Tips for Building a Political Party

Omar Todd is a co-founder and the Deputy Chairman of the opinion-splitting Australian political party The Wikileaks Party. His party ran in the 2013 Australian elections in a bid to get Julian Assange a seat on the Australian Senate. The Wikileaks Party received 0.66% of the national vote that year.

Omar Todd

Establishing a political party is no easy feat, and there are a number of things that the founder members must do to even get the party on the ballot. Besides having to go through the usual administrative and bureaucratic steps of registering a party, organizing all the legal issues, and submitting papers, a political party needs to market itself and gain a following. Here are three tips for building a political party.

  • First off a party needs to establish a slogan and logo. The slogan needs to be catchy and hone in on the central message, principles, and policies that the party believes in and is trying to convey. The logo needs to be similarly striking and recognizable. When someone sees the logo, they need to immediately associate the logo with the party.
  • Secondly, a political party needs to establish a leadership hierarchy. Everybody’s roles need to be clearly defined and everybody should understand their specific responsibilities. There needs to be someone in charge of the party, usually that person will be the one running for office, depending on which country the party is in.
  • Thirdly, a political party needs to ensure that they have a base of followers. A political party is nothing if they do not stand for something that people can get behind. Without people backing them, a political party has zero chance of succeeding. Having said that, a political party needs to be sincere in what they believe in, so if a political party stands for an unpopular principle, they will not get any followers.

Omar Todd – Three Tips for Using Social Media Safely

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have truly changed the world. We are now able to communicate with people around the world for free with just a simple click. We can spread news, create awareness, and campaign for causes at home. Social media has also opened up a new world of security concerns, meaning that people need to become aware of how to use social media networks safely.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd is one of the leading experts in the field of cyber security. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Australia, the Deputy Chairman of The Wikileaks Party run by Julian Assange, is a Council Member of the International Cyber Security Task Force, and has worked for multiple organizations in a social media advisory and cyber security role.

Here are three tips for managing a social media account in a safe manner.

  • Like with emails, it is important to use caution when clicking on a link on social media. Phishing techniques are used to hack social media accounts. Once an account is hacked, photos and personal information can be stolen, and unwanted posts can be made.
  • It is important for social media users to be careful of what they put on their social media accounts. Hackers use the “Forgotten Password” link to get into financial accounts and they find the answers to security questions using information posted on social media. Things such as hometowns, birthdays, high schools, and mothers’ middle names, should either not be posted online or not be used as an answer to a security question.
  • If it is suspected that a friend has sent a fraudulent message, meaning that it’s likely that friend’s account was hacked, ignore the message and notify the person whose account was hacked.

Omar Todd – Three Ways to Help Preserve Marine Life

Omar Todd is a man of many skills. He is a co-founder of The WikiLeaks Party, a political party in Australia set up by Julian Assange, he is a cyber security expert, and he is an ocean conservation activist. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Officer of Sea Shepherd Global, an organization that focuses on marine wildlife conservation.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

Organizations like Sea Shepherd Global cannot rely on their own efforts to make a difference in marine conservation. They need contributions for people all over the world. Here are three ways that anyone can help preserve marine wildlife.

Overfishing is a global problem. The by result of that is the creation of fishing farms, however, fishing farms can cause lasting damage to habitats and ecosystems. This is why purchasing and eating seafood that is sustainable is one way that anyone can help preserve marine wildlife.

According to One Ocean, One World 50 to 80 percent of debris and waste found in the ocean is plastic. Plastic items are dangerous because they easily attach to marine wildlife, causing them injury and sometimes death. Reducing place use is another way that anybody can help preserve marine wildlife.

Climate change has had an effect on marine wildlife because of rising sea levels and the acidification of oceans. The continued change in climate will have a lasting effect on ecosystems. To combat this, we need to reduce our energy use and switch to more sustainable methods of producing energy.

Omar Todd started out as a volunteer with Sea Shepherd Global and slowly worked his way up the organization.

Omar Todd – Three Important Cyber Security Tips

Omar Todd is one of the most influential figures in the cyber security world. He is the founder of the Internet Society of Australia, the co-founder and Deputy Chairman of the Wikileaks Party in Australia, and a Council Member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force. He has additionally worked as a consultant and Chief of Technology Officer for multiple organizations and corporations where his specialties in cyber security were utilized well.

The Internet is becoming an increasingly powerful machine and has been for years. The growth of the Internet though has created more opportunities for cyber crimes to be committed, though. Here are three important cyber security tips.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

First and foremost, it is important to never have the mindset that it “could never happen to you.” People with this mindset are more prone to cyber attacks because they take little if any care to protect their selves. Everybody is prone to and are attractive to hackers.

One of the most basic cybersecurity practices is maintaining good password management. It is important to use a strong mix of characters, meaning mixing numbers with letters and punctuation marks, while also using different passwords for different websites. Do not write passwords down in obvious or public places and never share a password.

It is very important to be careful when clicking on attachments and links in emails, especially from addresses that the recipient does not know. Sometimes phishing techniques are used to con people into clicking on a link that takes them to a domain with harmful material.

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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business – Omar Todd

There are several benefits of using cloud computing for your business. Over the last few years, cloud computing has taken the IT industry by storm and the sheer number of cloud computing jobs worldwide is a testimony to its popularity. Here are a few ways how cloud computing can help your business.

Omar Todd

Omar Todd


If you need to have several employees work on documents and files, cloud computing will be ideal for your business. Employees can access and work with documents and files from anywhere and sync the documents in real time. Cloud computing makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues and receive real-time updates. A study by Frost & Sullivan found that companies that used cloud computing to collaborate with employees saw a 400% return on investments.

Visit to know more about him.

Document Control

Using cloud services, companies do not have to physically send documents back and forth via email. Cloud services enable multiple clients to work on documents at the same time while the cloud keeps all the files in one location. The process increases efficiency and improves the company’s control over files and documents.


Over 800,000 laptops are lost each year in airports, and it amounts to a huge amount of money in terms of software and hardware. With cloud computing, there is no danger of losing your files, software, and laptop. In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged laptop, your data is still safe in the cloud and can be accessed anytime.

Omar Todd is a professional in the IT industry and serves on the council at the ICTTF (International Cyber Threat Task Force)